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Beauty Treatment Room

Beauty Treatment Room

Beauty Treatment Room for lymph drainage and detox to make you beautiful from the inside. There are various courses ranging from a single item course of a facial care and foot spa to the lymph course for full body care to soothe your body and mind whilst listening to healing music.

We use 100% natural aroma oil without artificial fragrances or synthetic ingredients.

Aroma oil
Aroma oil
Facial Care

Facial Care Menu

Facial + Décolleté Care (40 min) 5,400 yen

We carry out pore cleansing and you can expect lymph flow improvement and removal of dullness/swelling of the skin to make your face look thinner.

Facial Care + Pack (60 min) 8,640 yen

Removes fine wrinkles by introducing vitamins/coenzyme Q10/hyaluronic acid and a special aroma pack to give beautiful soft white skin.


Course Menu

Refresh Course (40 min) 5,400 yen

Improves stiff shoulders and migraine with a back/décolleté/head massage. A quick course to refresh you.

Whole Body Lymph Course (60 min) 7,560 yen

Removes internal waste products and improves the metabolism by arranging the lymph flow from the head to the entire body, and effectively improves excess sensitivity to cold, swelling and stiff shoulders.

Special Course (80 min) 10,800 yen

Facial treatment is added to the whole body course to take care of your whole body including the face. The flow of treatment from décolleté to face will leave you feeling very satisfied.



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