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Tetsuka Ryokan Miyanojo Onsen

Private open-air bath

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Private open-air bath

In the ridge next to the large public bath, there is a private outdoor bath. In addition to taking a bath, the dressing room has a lot of space, so the whole family can be immersed in the bath.There are different types of private outdoor baths, “Natsuhaze” and “Tsuribana”.
Private open-air bath「なつはぜ」Private open-air bath「なつはぜ」

Private open air bath“Natsuhaze”

A space with greenery in front of you. When relaxing in the open-air bath surrounded by nature.It makes you forget your daily life and free your body and mind.

Private open-air bath「つりばな」Private open-air bath「つりばな」

Private open air bath "Tsuribana"


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